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World's Fastest...Life Insurance Policy? American Life Issues Policies in Nine Minutes. No Medical Exam Required. click here to find out more

Irvine, CA - If there was a world record for "fastest life insurance policy" The American Life Insurance Company of New York would probably hold it. American Life issues polices in nine minutes flat.

Consumers need life insurance to protect their loved ones but they don't need all the hassles and aggravation of "traditional" life insurance. The endless forms and paperwork. The weeks and weeks of waiting. The visits and phone calls from pushy agents they'd rather not see. Now that's all history. Through the website ( you can get an affordable term life policy in about nine minutes. Qualified applicants get instant approval based on a few health questions, then activate their policy immediately over a secure connection, using a credit card or checking account. Click "Print My Policy" and the in-force, fully-guaranteed life insurance policy - a policy that provides full coverage from that moment on -- issues forth from your very own printer. All in less than ten minutes.

"American Life is finally delivering what the Internet has been promising for all these years. This instant-issue policy takes a process that used to be weeks or even months and condenses it down to just a few minutes," says Christopher Snyder, Chartered Life Underwriter and CEO of Spectrum Direct, operators of the web site. "As far as we know, this is the first 100% instant-issue life insurance policy."

Consumers can get the American Life policy with this kind of blazing speed because of on-screen application forms, "while you wait" processing of applications, and convenient premium payments linked to your credit card or checking account. No more filling out endless forms, waiting for weeks to get an answer and then finally receiving a policy, sometimes months later. "Let's face it," Snyder said, "People don't enjoy spending their time buying a life insurance policy. Get it done in record time. Got ten minutes? Get covered. Protect your family without all the hassles."

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